The nonprofit Association 




                New private non-profit entity with its own legal personality and full capacity to act, related to the knowledge and implementation of mediation as a means of dispute resolution in all areas, which is constituted under the regulatory Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22, the right of association.

OBMED has the following aims and objectives:

  1. Conduct research and study the regulatory context, both state and regional, of mediation in different areas.
  2. Research and analyze the institutional momentum of mediation, with particular attention to the activity in this area since professional associations and from the judiciary and the judiciary in general and from the Attorney General's Office and how and how mediation is being promoted by the Territorial government.
  3. Research and analyze the implementation and development and the operation of the Records of Mediators, both under the Ministry of Justice of the Government of Spain, as the existing records or mediators who believe in the autonomous communities, with special attention to Records Mediators Mediation Institutions registered as such.
  4. Research and analyze the joint mediation intrajudicial called in general and in particular, study the configuration of prescriptive rules that the briefing is provided in other jurisdictions.
  5. Research and analyze training in mediation, in particular, imparted from public universities, types of academic, public and private centers offering training in mediation, recognition of qualifications and accreditation criteria.
  6. Analyze and highlight those aspects that are necessary contrasting with the regulation of the profession of mediator exists in other States where mediation if it is established, to set the profession of mediator, as liberal and independent professional activity.
  7. A priority objective of the Association setting up a library Mediation funds whose copies of all publications related to the scope of the entity and its partners as part of this exercise restraint.
  1. The Association will promote the organization of conferences, seminars and all kinds of scientific meetings related aspects of investigation and analysis.
  2. The Association for the fulfillment of its purposes, may carry on business through cooperation agreements with public or private universities, foundations or any other institutions or companies who are interested in the purposes of the institution.
  3. The Board shall have full freedom to specify the activities of the Association, aimed at achieving those specific goals, and it considers that in the fulfillment of its purposes, are the most appropriate or convenient at all times.

To fulfill its purposes, the Association will organize any others related to the study and dissemination of their activities purposes.Similarly, the entity may issue opinions and reports are requested when related to the subjects of his study, submitting in all these activities with current legislation.

The Association shall work in the whole of Spain.

They may be members of the OBSERVATORY MEDIATION Association IN SPAIN the seniors who are in possession of any first degree, graduate or engineer or degree issued by university or technical school with an interest in serving the purposes of the entity and are admitted by the General Meeting. May form part Equally Association legal persons whose aims include the performance of activities related to the mediation.

Those who wish to belong to the Association shall request in writing in which it shall report to the Board, which shall decide on the admission or rejection without recourse against their agreement.

The Observatory Association Mediation in Spain has no assets to become.

The funds provided by the Association for the development of social activities will be:
A) entry fees, if any, point the Board.
B) The periodic fees, if any, remember it.
C) All of the assets and rights that apply to you and grants, bequests, donations can receive legally.
D) Income earned through lawful Association activities make the Board agreed, always within the statutory purposes.
The administration of the funds of the Association will be held subject to the appropriate intervention and enough publicity, so that members may have knowledge of the fate of those regularly.